Step into the chaotic life of a single, working mother diagnosed with breast cancer. Laugh a lot. Cry a little. Share Lesa’s most private moments—all with her tell-it-like-it-is Southern humor and warmth.

Lesa Osborn, a divorced mom and career woman, was enjoying her suburban Atlanta life with her daughter and a new, mysteriously attractive boyfriend.  Nothing could have prepared her for the dreaded diagnosis: A highly aggressive breast cancer.

Thus, her year of turmoil began.

In reality, Lesa’s predicament was one that thousands of women face daily, but this was her challenge. Clinging to her job and health insurance, Lesa returned to work and juggled priorities at home while still recovering from surgery. Overwhelmed by real crises, and everyday frustrations, she did what any feisty Southern gal would do: she fought like hell, daring cancer and caustic people to get in her way.

By sharing her eventful year with candor and self-depreciating humor, Lesa presents a view of life as an unexpected gift with a lesson or two in how to laugh and be grateful each day of every year.
Dear Reader,

As a single mother diagnosed with breast cancer, I returned to work ten days after my mastectomy. Within two weeks I was back at a 40+ hour work week and thirty days after surgery I began chemo. People asked me why I returned to work so soon. Why can't you take a leave of absence they asked. Why?  The same reason thousands of people like me do the same thing.  To pay my mortgage, the power bill, car insurance, the phone and cable bills, buy groceries and keep my health insurance paid. The responsibility of managing the pressures of work, finances, personal relationships, and a household doesn't stop when you get cancer.
I thought I had everything under control but I was fooling myself. I was overwhelmed. I felt like no one understood how breast cancer was affecting all aspects of my life. Finally, I saw laughter disappearing from my heart and home. That's when I realized that when I couldn't change my circumstances, I could change my perspective. This little book gives big insight into what really goes on behind the scenes personally and professionally during breast cancer. I hope 365 Daze makes you feel less alone and most of all...laugh a little.


Lesa Osborn
Author, 365 Daze
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Share a year in the life of a single, working mom, who juggles breast cancer, career, romance and a pregnancy—
all with disarming Southern humor.